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War Robot Earth Survival – Play Free Game

War Robot Earth Survival – Play Free Game is a tactical online shooter game about hovering combat robots. Sign up for epic PvP online battles against opponents from around the world! Control a multi-ton robot armed with the most incredible weapons, crush it and ruin every little thing in your path! Unite in teams, develop a clan with good friends and participate in clan battles to dominate the world! Unlock new weapons, robots and areas! Become more solid and verified on your own as the most effective free robotics game leader in WWR! Mankind has learned to develop huge combat robots called “mechwarriors”. Dive into the planet dec your own and become the champion among multiplayer shooting mech games and opponents! Fighting Robots have combat firing power. Use pressure to crush enemies and close help friends in combat robotics. Come become one of the strongest in robot wars for free! Sign up for great robot PVP games online—use pressure to crush enemies and help your friends in the battle of robots. Be the most effective in robot wars for free! Sign up for amazing robot PVP games online. Get into the fight and challenge the enemy machine fighter! Difficult decisions, complex maneuvers and tactical methods are waiting for you! But remember: you are the most formidable opponent!WASD – move ESC – menu USE MOUSE – shooting More instruction how to play will find when start the game