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Gloom:Gargoyle – Play Free Game

Gloom:Gargoyle – Play Free Game, magical , 1 – player, 3. it is a game with a first – person perspective. The game is the 1st of the “Gloom” game. it is a curtain and consists of 3 beautiful and magical places. Use magic abilities for walkthroughs: a fiery aura that absorbs your mana and illuminates the space around you, an aura of time that speeds up the game time, thereby allowing you to move faster, and also a magic aura that consumes your life, forcing you to replenish mana reserves. To advance in the game, you need to go through 2 magical dungeons and find divine artifacts there.
WASD – Move the shift – walking Space – jump Left Mouse Button – action 1 – fiery aura 2 – aura of time 3 – aura of magic