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Fall Guys Sonic : Knockout Royale – Play Free Game

Join the ultimate mobile running royale games and rush to the Sonic Sonic rivals or they will knock you down! Challenge a random fall or soda man and start playing the most fun and exciting last man standing game where it is your duty not to fall and falling is not an option. Clash with Sonic crowds and run in a funny and ridiculous race with other guys. Run, race, slide, jump, fall, flip, punch and decimate through crazy obstacles with dozens of other mobile opponents. Guys, girls, tall guys, short guys, funny guys, weird teens, everyone can fight, run and foolishly have fun in this knockout race. Run stumbling men VS Sonic is an amazing chaotic obstacle course battle royale game! Take down your opponents and be the last man standing in this falling men game. Run stumbling guys and dudes, watch out for mobile obstacles moving and other obstacles waiting for you. Sonic us free Sonic rivals and teammates are your biggest enemies in this real game knockdown game. The free soda run guys will do whatever it takes to eliminate you to win the race.
Use Mouse To Play and Follow introduction